Seafood Paella

I love paella. When we buy a house I want an outside stove with a paella ring. Then I'll know we're really living in Spain proper. And I love seafood. When I make paella I mostly use fish and seafood but if there happens to be a spare chorizo sausage languishing in the fridge, I'll... Continue Reading →


Following on from my previous post "Dude, where's my car?" I thought it pertinent to post an update and offer some advice to, hopefully, prevent you getting into the same strife as us. So, hindsight being such a wonderful thing, how do you actually go about registering a car in Spain? First of all, non-residents... Continue Reading →

On the road again…

Finally, we have our car back! Two months and almost €2000 later the SAAB is out on parole complete with shiny new green number plates. The process isn't over yet though - we still have to pass an ITV (MOT equivalent) and then move up to permanent white plates. Apart from having to display the... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day

This is how our house looks at the moment. Our furniture arrived yesterday - some of it in more pieces than it was before - and we have to now unpack it all. Meh!

On the move

Pueblo or Costa? Well, we've been here four months and we've moved again already! I'm starting to feel like a nomad. Before we make the life-changing decision to actually buy a property here we thought it would be a good idea to check the area out, you know to kind of make sure it's the... Continue Reading →

Dude, where’s my car?

So, you know that feeling you get when you lose your car keys? It's always when you need to be somewhere and you know exactly where you left them but they just don't seem to be there anymore? I had that very feeling this morning. Only it wasn't the car keys that were was... Continue Reading →

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