A short drive around the lake!

So if you ask our girls “what shall we do today?” the answer, more often than not is, “we could go for a drive.” Now, this isn’t because they love our company or because they are scenery connoisseurs who greatly admire the beauty of a tree or a hill. No, it’s because they get to... Continue Reading →


Old Town, Nerja

Just over six kilometres from Torrox, at the eastern tip of the Costa del Sol, lies the resort town of Nerja - one of our favourite places to spend a day. Much livelier than it’s neighbour, Nerja is geared more towards the tourist crowd and, especially at the height of summer, can get really quite... Continue Reading →

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

It was my beloved’s birthday last week and, as a special treat to ourselves, we decided to have a night away on our own - no teenagers, no dog! We opted for Frigiliana because, although it’s a fairly regular haunt of ours now and it’s only fifteen minutes up the road, we had never had... Continue Reading →

My first Semana Santa experience!

If Easter makes you think of chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny or Spring lambs, then think again. Semana Santa is the biggest religious celebration in the Spanish calendar observed in villages, towns and cities throughout the country and, for weeks beforehand, there are preparations happening and posters everywhere (often featuring quite dark images) promoting the... Continue Reading →

Málaga in an afternoon

My friends were in town last week. One visits Spain twice a year and stays for a month at a time in Fuengirola, the other comes out and visits the friend who is visiting. I also visit the friend who is visiting but now I drive to hers instead of flying and it takes about... Continue Reading →

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